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Big steps for the Logan Theater

The Logan Theater and Community Arts Center announced immediate available occupancy to the Logan-Hocking School District and the Hocking County Children's Chorus.

Sheila Wolfe, Executive Director of the Logan Theater and following board members James Martin, president; Andy Good, vice president; Stacey Gabriel, secretary; Joyce Gerstner, treasurer; Rick Webb, Matt Pippin, Abby Saving, Monte Bainter, Therese Karnes, John McClain, Larry Gerstner, and Mike Baird were present when the Theater handed over keys to the LHSD and the HCCC for occupancy on the second and third floors of the theater building.

According to Wolfe, construction has been ongoing since November 2019.

"The entire upper two floors have been renovated including a new handicapped accessible elevator, new roof, windows and HVAC. Everything has been brought up to code including a sprinkler fire suppression system and all inspections passed last week. Drummond Construction did an outstanding job completing the amount of work needed to bring a 95-year-old building up to code, and it looks amazing," Wolfe commented. 

"We can't wait for the public to see and use this beautiful, classy and historic building," she further noted.

"This is a proud, fulfilling, and exciting moment for all of us," said Superintendent of LHSD Monte Bainter.

"It is exciting news for our chorus and our community," agreed Therese Karnes, Director Hocking County Children's Chorus.

The Hocking County Children's Chorus will occupy the third floor of the newly renovated Logan Theater and Cultural Arts Center. This will allow the children to not only rehearse, but enable them to put on concerts and performances as well.

The Hocking County Children's Chorus (HCCC) is a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing the children of Hocking County a culturally diverse musical experience, and an opportunity to explore and develop their own talents in music, performance, and theater.

The HCCC has been entertaining Hocking County for over 40 years. The number of children from all over Hocking County continues to flourish each year, and the community has grown to cherish their performances.

One of the biggest challenges for the expanding group had been to find a permanent "home" — a space where the children could gather comfortably and rehearse for their concerts and musicals. They are thrilled to finally be moving into such a space this month, as a result of much hard work, dedication, and terrific local support. It is exciting news for the community — the space will be open to other young musicians and performers in the community when not in use by the HCCC.

The Logan-Hocking School District will occupy the second floor of the Community Arts Center.

"Initially, it will allow us to expand our classroom space to meet COVID-19 regulations if needed," stated Superintendent Monte Bainter. "With students returning to classrooms Jan. 11, 2021 from remote learning, it will provide us an opportunity for after school and evening programs. Eventually, the classrooms will provide a student study center in a walkable location, advanced art programs for students, community art programs, and an

art gallery. This will be another amazing feature the LHSD has to offer its students and one our school district and community should be proud of." 

In addition, to gaining occupancy, the Logan Theater and Community Arts Center also received notice last week that the Governor DeWine signed Senate Bill 310 that will appropriate $275,000 towards the continued renovation of the Logan Theater. 

"We are thrilled to receive these funds," stated James Martin, President of the Logan Theater Board of Directors. "They will allow us to continue to move forward with our renovations on the theater, which quite honestly is the exciting part we have all been waiting for. We still have a lot of fundraising to do to get this finished, but we are getting there faster than we thought. COVID-19 nearly crushed us this year, bringing fundraising activities to a halt. The capitol funds will kick off 2021 renovations."