Hocking County Children's Chorus - Community based, non-profit organization


A nonprofit with national origins is kicking off this year’s campaign for local service. The United Way of Hocking County, part of the greater United Way nonprofit network, raises funds for 10 local nonprofits, Executive Director Mike Barrell said.

The money raised by United Way for Hocking County goes to Hocking County charities, including three food pantries, a homeless shelter, The Boy Scouts of America, healthcare providers, and more. "Money that is given in Hocking County is to be spent in Hocking County," Barrell said. "All our money goes to one of ten agencies."

Each year, local nonprofits apply for United Way of Hocking County assistance. In the meantime, the United Way holds fundraisers for its beneficiaries and accepts contributions from donors. Then, a nine-member board decides which organizations receive how much money, and how much. However if donors want to specify which organization receives their funds, they can do that, too. If donations aren’t specified, the funds are divided by need.

One organization that benefits from the United Way of Hocking County is the Hocking County Children’s Chorus, or HCCC. The HCCC is a nonprofit arts organization open to all children of Hocking County, grades 2 through 12, according to Therese Karnes, Executive Director of HCCC.

"The Chorus is open to children of all abilities," Karnes said. "The HCCC reaches children who are interested in and/or have talents in the arts, but may not have the personal or financial resources to experience them."

As a United Way Agency, the HCCC receives funding for expenses, including everything from hand sanitizer to microphones. Usually, the HCCC has performances across the county throughout the year, Karnes said. However, it has adapted to this pandemic, with online and socially distanced rehearsals, it will put on only one show, "Fiddler on the Roof Jr.". set for late spring.

Like the HCCC, the United Way had to cancel most of its events and fundraising opportunities last year. This caused the organization to lose a third of its 2020 income, Barrell said. Luckily, there are some socially-distanced spring events planned. "It’s starting to move a bit," Barrell said. "Though 2020 had its setbacks, now is a crucial time to get back on track."

Those interested in giving to the United Way of Hocking County can send donations to PO Box 567, Logan Ohio 43138, or by PayPal to info@unitedwayhocking.org.