Hocking County Children's Chorus - Community based, non-profit organization

Logan-Holl Foundation key supporter of HCCC

At its June meeting, the Logan-Holl Foundation approved a $5,000 grant be given to the Hocking County Children’s Chorus, toward part one of their Portable Risers Project.

The grant monies will enable the HCCC to purchase safe, lightweight risers that roll and transport easily, along with the needed back safety rails. Part two of the Risers Project will include purchasing side rails and storage carts.

“One of the biggest challenges we have when various community groups request a concert appearance, is to figure out logistics for the audience to see almost 70 children,” said Therese Karnes, HCCC Director. “We had been using our bulky rehearsal FlipForm Risers, but they required a lot of muscle and time to transport, so these portable risers will be a joy to use!”

The Logan-Holl Foundation has granted over $1 million to numerous worthy projects that benefit the people of Logan and Hocking County since Barton A. Holl, an industrialist and community leader founded it in 1968. They have made tremendous contributions to many local nonprofit groups, large and small.

This is not the first grant award the Chorus has received from the Foundation. In 2015, a grant award was used to purchase a set of handchimes, introducing the children to the basics of instrumental music, and helping to develop their overall music literacy. The children continue to use the chimes at concerts — including their performance at the opening of the Washboard Music Festival.

Next, new dress uniforms were purchased for the expanding group. Grant monies were used to purchase material, and local seamstresses were hired to sew beautiful black dresses with satin sashes for the girls, and satin vests and bowties for the boys.

One of the most exciting grant award purchases was new sound equipment, allowing audiences to clearly hear the young voices. The portable wireless system is used about town during concerts, as well as for the musical theater presentations — most recently in “The Sound of Music” performed at the Logan High School Theatre in May.

“The Logan-Holl Foundation has made a significant difference for our growing chorus. Because of their generosity, we’ve been able to purchase a variety of items through the years. We believe it is important to invest our grant monies in projects that have permanent value, such as these risers. We know they will make a nice change in our ability to perform at various venues for many years to come,” stated Anna Tina Lindsay, HCCC Treasurer and Board of Directors member.

“We are truly grateful for the continued support of the Logan-Holl Foundation. They have made it possible for our small nonprofit to accomplish big things with the children, their families, and our community,” Karnes concluded.

A United Way Agency, the HCCC is open to all children of Hocking County in grades two through 12. This includes children in public schools, private schools, and those who are homeschooled. The Chorus is open to children of all abilities.

The Chorus is committed to providing quality music instruction and strives to create an environment in which children can experience the joy of singing, develop confidence, and become a vital part of a musical team. Children are also introduced to the basics of acting, choreography, and theater.