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Logan Theater receives one of its largest donations

The Logan Theater renovation project has come a long way since starting in 2018 and a recent donation is likely to push the project ahead even further.

Hocking Hills Online LLC, the operator of HockingHills.com and ReservationsOnline.com, has recently committed to a $100,000 donation dedicated to the revitalization of the Downtown Logan Theater on Main Street.

“Our donation will go directly towards the necessary repairs and remodeling that the building requires to reopen to the public,” stated Finn Fuller, co-owner of Hocking Hills Online. “The Logan Theater has been closed since 1992 and we are excited to be a part of rebuilding this downtown staple for the benefit and enjoyment of our local community.”

According to Sheila Wolfe, Logan Theater and Community Arts Center Executive Director, the donation was the largest private donation to date.

“Their generosity and commitment to the community is apparent in their donation and it is absolutely invaluable to the efforts of renovating the theater building and revitalizing our downtown,” Wolfe said.

Hocking Hills Online is owned and operated by Fuller and Matt Pippin, who were both born and raised in Logan. Fuller said he can still remember his parents telling him story after story of the movies they saw and fun they had at the theater growing up.

“I love movies and historic buildings but the theater closed before I was born so I never got the chance to see how special it truly was,” remarked Fuller. “We believe in the push to revitalize Downtown Logan. We are donating to the Logan Theater to help play a small role in that.”

The Hocking Hills Online office is located in the theater building at 84 East Main Street and will soon be open to the public. The office will have Hocking Hills merchandise and act as a meeting location for their customers.

Their website is a travel website for the Hocking Hills region and includes information on hiking trails, local businesses, and upcoming events. It also includes a selection of cabins, cottages, lodges, and overnight accommodations that visitors to the area can rent.

As well as having the movie theater and their office on Main Street, there will be an additional three floors that will serve as a permanent home for the Hocking County Children’s Chorus and the Logan-Hocking School District will have a base downtown for community programs. In addition, the School District will be able to offer valuable skills to their students in being part of running the theater. All floors will have elevator access, and will be fully ADA accessible.

The theater building was originally designed to be a live performance venue. Fuller said that they will be bringing back live acts as well as movies. Work is being done on the original projectors and digital projection will be done as well.

“Musicians, comedians and all performers will be treading the boards again just like Roy Rogers and Trigger, and Sammy Davis Jr. did back in the day,” he said. “This truly will be a wonderful resource we can all be proud of for now, and in the future. A great event space for movies, live productions, weddings, special events and community gatherings; all in the heart of our downtown.”

As a tourism website owner, Fuller believes a revamped theater will definitely attract people from out of the area into Downtown Logan and serve as a gathering place for friends and family.

“However,” he commented, “this donation and the rebuilding of the theater is truly meant to be enjoyed by the local community. You have all this money coming into Hocking County from people who visit the region, we want to put some of that money back into the community for local folks to enjoy.” 

Fuller concluded that he is excited to take the money that tourism brings into the region and put it back in the community for locals to enjoy.

“We could not be more thankful and excited for our community,” added Wolfe. “The positive impact on the lives of young students will be noticed as they receive a safe and nurturing environment for after school programs focused on building creativity and self esteem through art, reading and homework programs. We have applied for many grants and we are awaiting those award notices, but in the meantime, we continue to need generous individuals and organizations to commit to the future of our community and the theater project.”